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Gum Disease Laser Therapy


Dr. Saliba of GEMS Dental in Houston is pleased to offer their patients laser therapy for the treatment of periodontal disease. Laser therapy is significantly more comfortable for patients than traditional treatment methods that require using a scalpel and sutures. While bleeding and swelling is common with traditional periodontal treatment, laser therapy reduces or eliminates it all together. Additionally, you won’t have the discomfort of vibration or noise from a dental drill.

Laser Therapy for the Treatment of Gum Disease

People who need periodontal treatment sometimes avoid it due to the stress and anxiety it provokes. They ignore their oral health issue hoping it will improve on its own because they fear the pain of treatment. Besides being quick and effective, laser therapy is essentially pain free for patients. Your mouth starts healing as soon as Dr. Saliba finishes the procedure because it is much less invasive than using a scalpel and suture. You experience far less post-operative sensitivity and recover from laser therapy much faster than you would from traditional treatment of periodontal disease.

Other benefits of laser therapy include a reduced infection risk and ability to reduce or eliminate the use of anesthesia. The high-energy light beam from the laser sterilizes the area your dentist is treating, thereby making it much less likely you will experience a bacterial infection. You also don’t have to worry about receiving an injection or feeling numb. Dr. Saliba typically uses an anesthetic spray at the start of treatment. Besides being virtually pain-free, laser therapy for periodontal disease eliminates the cost and potential complications of anesthesia.

Other Conditions That Respond Favorably to Laser Technology

Your dentist can perform several specialized dental techniques using laser therapy. While gum disease treatment is most common, this technology is also effective for gum grafting, frenectomy, and osseous surgery. Laser therapy allows Dr. Saliba to remove disease and regenerate healthy gums with minimal discomfort to you. It encourages the regeneration of healthy gum tissue that attaches itself to your teeth. This greatly decreases the chance of gum disease returning later.

If you have an oral health condition that you feel could benefit from laser therapy, please schedule an appointment at Dental Illusions for an exam. We are happy to answer any additional questions you have about the procedure during this appointment as well.


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