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Implant Retained Dentures


A lot of people have dentures. We all know how difficult they can be to deal with, especially with a lower denture that constantly shifts and moves, along with an upper denture that can feel bulky, cover the palate and affect the enjoyment and flavor of food. This can also be compounded by the fear and embarrassment of dentures popping out of place during normal patient functionality.

Incorporating Implants to help retain dentures can alleviate a lot of these complaints. A patient can have 2 to 6 implants placed per arch (depending on the clinical situation) and have a denture be removable but snap in place with attachments. Another option is having the denture screwed in place permanently. Both options offer the patient incredible stability, decreasing  the dentures size and bulk. An upper denture connected to implants can be designed as a horseshoe, leaving the palate open for enhanced enjoyment of taste and a lower denture attached to as few as 2 implants will have NO mobility.

No matter which way a patient decides to go, the level of satisfaction compared to a regular denture is greatly enhanced and the overall lifestyle of a patient is drastically improved.


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