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Smile Makeovers/Full Mouth Reconstruction


Depending on a person's dental problems and treatment goals, we can customize a plan to help our patients achieve their functional and Aesthetic goals, helping them enjoy long term satisfaction functionally, personally and socially.

Usually, these cases can be as simple as placing veneers to achieve the desired cosmetic result, or as complex as someone who had an accident and requires a combination of different treatments to get them back to a functional and aesthetic state. Dr. Saliba has handled accident cases where people have fallen, broke their jaw and lost teeth. A combination of multi-phase treatments such as orthodontics, implants, root canals, crowns, bridges, and veneers were used to restore the patient back to a functional and aesthetic state. Dr. Saliba has treated many patients with complex dental issues due to a lack of dental care over the decades. He looks forward to helping you achieve your dental health goals.


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